EACHA Instant Payments Interoperability Framework - including Annexes - v1.1 - October 2017

EACHA Instant Payments Interoperability Guidelines - Nov 2015

EACHA Study on Interoperability of Immediate Payment Systems - February 2015

EACHA understanding of Interoperability - September 2013 /PDF
The legislative framework in which European ACH's are operating, with laws and guidelines from EC and ECB, makes reference to Interoperability in several places. For the benefit of a clear understanding of Interoperability by industry participants, both providers and users of clearing services, EACHA shares its understanding of Interoperability in this short document.

EACHA's view on the proposed legislation on SEPA end dates /PDF

EACHA framework 9.0
The EACHA interoperability framework promotes a:

  • harmonised implementation of end-to-end payment processing
  • seamless payment processing environment, maximising straight-through processing
  • level playing field by creating accessibility to and from all payment service providers.

EACHA framework 9.0 /PDF - May 2016

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