The European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA) started in early 1990 as an informal meeting of executives from European ACHs. On 28 September 2006, representatives from 20 Automated Clearing Houses and retail payment processors founded EACHA officially under Belgian law. Since then it has grown to comprise 24 members.
EACHA is a not-for-profit organisation and does not perform a commercial or operational role in payment processing. Twice a year, the EACHA members convene at the EACHA plenary for a meeting organised by one of the members. The EACHA organisation participates in several industry working groups and runs its own working groups to tackle specific issues such as interoperability in SEPA.
The day-to-day management of EACHA, including the representation of the association at various industry forums, is in the hands of a board of five directors.
The current Board consists of:

José Luis Langa, director and President - Iberpay
Paul Francis Walvik Joynt, director and Vice-President   - Mastercard Payment Services
Tomasz Jończyk, director - KIR
Michael Schilder, director - Worldline
Rodolphe Meyer, director - STET
Steven Brown, Secretary General