The European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA) is the technical cooperation forum of European ACHs. Its membership, currently comprising 26 institutions, gathers twice a year to discuss European developments in retail payments. The philosophy of EACHA is that healthy competition also means teamwork. This is why EACHA believes firmly in developing a common vision for
the future, and favouring harmonious implementation of European policies and schemes including interoperability based on open standards.

EACHA aims to:
  • be a forum enabling its members to share information
  • advance the views of its members on issues of general interest
  • resolve specific issues by, for instance, developing common guidelines for
    the clearing and settlement of SEPA payments.

"Critical Connections: the instrumental role of European CSMs in a changing financial landscape"
A new white paper from EACHA - April 2019 - with a media statement from the President.
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